My Story

GO2Learning LLC is a small, minority-owned/MilSpouse-owned, Education Consulting firm, located in Elyria, Ohio, USA. I have been building relationships with various companies by being hired to learn new or upgraded software solutions. I work closely with my clients and stakeholders, offering the HELP my clients need to HELP their employees have better working lives. I present opportunities for learning and growth based on expert analysis of documentation available and requirements for growth.

I help clients achieve and advance their missions and focus on the big picture with my primary commitment to help your organization to help your employees, maintaining long-term success and stability. My experiences include working within the IT sectors in Manufacturing, Higher Education, Banking/Financial Services, Healthcare, and Government/Public Sector. I develop training programs to assist the employees become more productive, understand their roles in conjunction with the software being implemented and assist with these initiatives when they may be overlooked due to budgetary constraints or lack of internal resources. Additionally, I work hard to analyze opportunities and to position my clients for successful strategy implementation by ensuring the structures, systems, and relationships are in place to facilitate real world application of strategic plans. Managing change within the culture is required to complete the software implementations, requiring employee life changes.

Meet Me

What is my Philosophy of Life?

Learning everything I need to learn, and share that information with others, helping them to become better.

Better at what?

Anything they want!

Cathryn “Cathy” Hennes, M.Ed.

Cathryn “Cathy” Hennes, M.Ed.
Founder & CEO

Cathryn Hennes, M.Ed. is an entrepreneur, working in various industries, for companies who are implementing new or upgraded IT software solutions. She has 25+ years’ experience as a Senior Instructional Designer and Senior Technical Writer. Cathryn is a New Jersey native and living between Cleveland, Ohio and Ava, Missouri. Cathryn has a double master’s in Education from Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio for Adult Learning & Development and Education Technology. Her life philosophy is to “Learning everything I need to learn and share that information with others, helping them to become better at anything they want.”