Coin-Op Machine Registration

Project 1: Infor IPS ARA CDR

IPS Overview & Navigation

Create Fingerprint Record

Check Status

Perform Lookup

Search Using Contact and Property Browser

Use Grid: Add, Edit, Sort, Filter, Export

Use Popup Field Help

Process VFH Applications

Add/Drop Vehicle Permit (VID)

Add Vehicle Permit

Create Company Record

Create Vehicle Driver’s License

Drop Vehicle Permit

Record Inspection Results


Boarding and Lodging Facilities Permit

Record Annual Inspection Results

Record Inspection Results (mobile)

Schedule Inspection

Renew Application Permit

Process Commercial License Applications

Assign Inspection

Carnival Permit

Coin-op Machine Registration

Create Alcoholic Beverage License Permit

Credit Access Business Permit

Dance Hall Permit

Dealer Permit – Antique Dealer

Dealer Permit – Precious Metal Dealer

Game Room License

Metal Recycling Entity Permit

Record Inspection Results – Back Office

Renew Application Permit

Schedule Inspection

Secondhand Reseller License

SOB Ent-Mgr License

Sound Amplification Equipment Permit

Street Vendor Permit

Validate Add TABC Approval

Field Inspector Mobile App

Record Inspection Results

Schedule Inspection


Cashiering – Fees Not Processed in iNovah

Cashiering – Void Processed Fees in iNovah

Sub-Designation Addresses

Create Sub-Designation Address Using Contact and Property Browser

Project 2: Infor IPS HFD

Create New Fire Inspection Record (FIR)

Create HFD Fire Marshal Approval (FMA)

Schedule Fire Marshal Site Inspection

Review Fire Marshal Site Inspection

Create HFD Fire Prevention Permit (FP)

Schedule Fire Prevention Permit Site Inspection

Review Fire Prevention Permit Site Inspection

Create Temp Fire Prevention Permit (FPT)

Schedule Temp Fire Prevention Permit Inspection

Create Standby Permit (SBY)

Estimate Standby Permit Fees

Schedule Standby Permit Inspection

Relating Permit Records