Templates Used

Policy Template
Procedure Template
Reference Guide Template

Documents Written

Maintenance Closing a Line of Credit

Maintenance Payment Extensions

Reapplication of Misapplied Payments for Loans as Payoffs

Maintenance Rebook

Maintenance Manual Block

Maintenance Partial Charge Off Accounts with Low or Zero Balance

Reports Paid Accounts Not Closing

Maintenance Modifications for Lines of Credit

Maintenance Payment Hold Removal

Maintenance Trouble Debt Restructuring Flag (TDR)

Reports TDR Flag Non-Accrual Mismatch

Maintenance Adjustments Requiring GL Entry

Maintenance PrePay on Loans

ALS to CLS Term Out

Reports Line Overlimit

Reports Monthly Credit Balance

Maintenance Funding Balancing the Advanced Loan System

Principal Re-Capture to Apply Non-Accrual Reference Guide

Maintenance Reopen a Paid Off Line of Credit

Prepayment Penalty Waive Change or Refund

Reports Credit Balance

Maintenance Reverse and Reapply Payment Procedure (Lines of Credit in OBL)

Reapplication of Misapplied Payments for Lines of Credit as Payoffs

Maintenance Non-Accrual Status Setting for Lines of Credit

Research Payment and Advance