Order to Cash

Contract Intake

Customer Entry

New Customer Entered in 1Company
Multi-Site Copy
Multi-Site Ship To


The Estimates Form
The Estimate Lines Form
Estimate Response Form Report
Follow-up with Customer
Update Estimates Form – Estimate Status (Company Tab)

Estimate Projects

(Future Process; documentation to be determined)

Service Order Estimate

(Future Process; documentation to be determined)

Service Contract Estimate

(Future Process; documentation to be determined)

Customer Contracts

The Customer Contracts Form
The Customer Contract Prices Form

Contract Setup

Projects Setup

Project Credit Approval
The Projects Form
AES Flows – Email Project Manager & Finance
Company ASC Contracts Form
Company Performance Obligations
Company Performance Obligation Split
The Project Tasks Form
Load the Project Forecast
Run Project Roll from Forecast Utility
Company Project Verification Report
Project Resources – Source Items
Project Resources – Source to Purchase Requisition
Project Resources – Source to Job
Project Resources – Source to SRO
The Project Invoice Milestones Form

Convert Estimate to Customer Order

Copy Estimates to Order
Update Customer Order Form
Update Customer Order Lines Form
Order Verification Report

Service Contracts

The Service Contract Form
The Service Contract Lines Form
Create the Service Order Using the ProCare Template
Update the Service Orders Form
Update the Services Order Lines Form
Update the Service Operations Form
The Customer Orders Form
The Customer Order Lines Form
Link Customer Order Lines to the SRO

Customer Orders

The Customer Orders Form
The Customer Order Lines Form
Review Credit Hold
Print Order Verification Report
Retrieve from Doc-Trak Output Folder & Send to Customer

Service Orders

The Service Orders Form
Service Order Lines
Service Order Operations
Service Order Work Order Report
Service Order Transactions – Materials

Contract Management

Project Status Report

Run Project Status Report

Update Project Forecast

The Project Tasks Form

Project Change Order

Update the Projects Form
Update the Projects Form and the Revenue Milestones Form
The Project Tasks Form
The Project Resources Form
Update Invoice Milestones Form
Review Project Change Order Form

Unit Creation

Create and Configure Unit

Credit Hold Review

Find Orders on Credit Hold
Contact Assigned Credit Manager
Credit Manager Reviews
Remove Credit Hold

Contract Fulfillment

Customer Order Shipping

Generate Parts Availability to Ship Report
Order Pick List
Ordering Shipping & Applying Freight
Edit Freight Charges
Print Packing Slip

Project Shipping

Print Project Pick List
Project Resource Transaction
Project Shipping Transaction

Fulfillment of Service Orders & Service Contracts

(Future Process; documentation to be determined)

Contract Invoicing & Revenue

Project Invoicing

Run Nominated Invoice Milestones Report
Post Project Invoice Milestones Report
Invoice Posting

Customer Order Invoicing

Run Order Invoicing Credit Memo
Process & Commit Invoice Posting

SRO Invoicing

Process Service Order Invoicing
Process Invoice Posting

Service Contracts Invoicing

Service Contracts Invoicing
Invoice Posting

Nominate Invoice Milestones

Nominate Invoice Milestones

Project Revenue Recognition

Project Revenue Recognition

Project WIP Relief

Print/Post Project Revenue Milestones – Confirm WIP Relief

Manual Invoice

Invoices, Debit and Credit Memos
Invoices, Debit and Credit Memos G/L Distributions
Invoice Posting
A/R Invoice Credit Debit Memo Report

Contract Cash Collections

AR Cash Applications

Print Bank Statement MPNC and Pull Excel File
Process A/R Import
Generate A/R Workbench
Process A/R Workbench
Review Required A/R Payments Info
Run Payment Posting Report
Run Wire Posted Report

AR Reporting

Adjustments: Price, Sale Price, Tax/Freight
Exception Manager
Manual Assessment of Open Transactions
AR Advantage – Print Bank Statement
AR Advantage – Deposits for Excel Worksheets
SyteLine Grid to Excel Balance Confirmation
Research Non-Identified Payments
Bank Confirmation to Payment Batch
SSC Payment Process in CyberSource
Quarterly Process Analysis
Enter Information to CyberSource
Process Payments in CyberSource
Print Bank Statements & Send to GL


Warranty Project

Add Estimate Project Header & Budget
Add Estimate Project Tasks
Attached Warranty Project Approval via Doc-Trak
Convert Estimate Project to Project
Edit Project Tasks
Load Initial Project Forecast
Roll Forecast to Budget
Print Verification Report
Add Project Resources – Source Inventory, if any
Add Project Resources – Source to Purchase Requisition, if any
Add Project Resources – Source to Job, if any
Add Project Resources – Source to SRO, if any


The RMAs Form
The RMA Line Items Form
Print RMA Verification
Retrieve Doc-Trak Output Files Report & Forward to Customer
Create Customer Credit for RMA
Add RMA Item Disposition
RMA Return Transaction
Post RMA Item Disposition
Run RMA Status Report
Print RMA Credit Memo

Procure to Pay

Pre Production

New Vendor

The Multi-Site Vendors Form in 1Company
Perform Multi-Site Copy to Requested Site
The Vendor Document Profile Form in Corp Site
The Vendor Document Profile Form in Requesting Site

Create Item

Add Item to Multi-Site Items Form – 1Company
Perform Multi-Site Copy to Requesting Site
Update Items Form Manufactured Part – Requesting Site
Load Current Operations
Load Current Materials
Update Items Form, Purchased Part – Requesting Site
Load Cycle Count Frequency
Update Item Stockroom Locations Form – Requesting Site
Update Item Pricing Form – Requesting Site
Update Item Costs Form – Requesting Site

Vendor Contracts

The Vendor Contracts For
The Vendor Contract Prices Form

New Employee

The Employees Form
The Shop-Trak Employee Profile Form
The Users Form
The Partner Form for Service

Update Work Schedule

The Holidays Form
The Company Shift Holidays Form

Production & Procurement

Purchase Order Requisitions

PO Requisition Entry
PO Requisition Approval

Purchase Order Req Conversion

Generate Approved PO Requisition Report
Convert PO Requisition
Review Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Lines Forms

Purchase Order Receiving

The Purchase Order Receiving Form

Post Service Transactions

Revise/Unpost Batch SRO Transactions
Batch Post Transactions
SRO – Set Operations Stat to Invoice

Create Manufacturing Jobs

Material Planner Workbench Generation from Manufactured Items
Material Planner Workbench for Manufactured Items
Review Firm Job Orders
Print Job Packets – Floor Paperwork and Drawings

Create Purchase Orders from Workbench

Material Planner Workbench Generation for Purchased Items
Material Planner Workbench
Review/Update Purchase Order
Review/Update Purchase Order Lines
Purchase Order Report

Purchase Order Confirmations

Update Purchase Order Lines Form

Issue Job Materials

Create Job Material Transactions
Complete Job Tied to Project

Time & Payroll

RTE Time Entry

Shop-Trak Login
Create New Transaction
Update Transaction
Submit Timesheet Transaction
Review Timesheet: View TimeTrx
Confirm Timesheet

RTE Approval

Engineer – Shop-Trak RTE Approval and Revision
Edit Shop-Trak Transactions
Shop-Trak Approval and Adjustments
Shop-Trak Transfer Transactions to SyteLine
Shop-Trak Polling Auto Posts
Post Job Transactions

Clock-in Clock-out Time Entry

(Future Process; documentation to be determined)

Shop-Trak Job Processing

Shop-Trak Login – Multi-Jobs
Wand Jobs Complete
Add Indirect Time Entry
Want Out for Day

Production Monitoring

Production Scheduling

Update Build Schedule
Company Resource Group Dispatch List Report
Adjust Production Schedule

Contract Cash Disbursement

AP Voucher

Voucher Generatio
Voucher Posting
Review Vouchers Payable Report

AP Payments

Check Run
Process Wires Payment in ERP
Corporate Approval >$50K
Approve Checks, EFT & Wire

Expense Upload Integration

Expense File Prep
T&E Import
Expense Header Maintenance
Expense Detail Maintenance
Change Status Utility
Expense Posting Utility
Background Task History
A/P Vouchers & Adjustments
A/P Voucher Posting


Post Unposted Job Transactions
Edit Transactions Report
Print EE Log Hours Report to Excel
Print Time & Delinquency Report
Generate Payroll
Update to Payroll System
Run Monthly Individuals’ Pay in Payroll System (External)
Print Payroll System (Ceridian) Reports (External)
Payroll Import (Company Import Ceridian) or Manual Journal Entry



MRR for Purchased Item
MRR for Manufactured Item
MRR for Non-Specific Item
Answering MRR
Disposition MRR
Closing MRR


Company QC Vendor RMA Maintenance
VRMA Disposition
Receive Replacement Product
Voucher from Vendor
VRMA Closure

Financial Management

In Period

Add Fixed Asset

(Future Process; documentation to be determined)

Transfer Fixed Asset

(Future Process; documentation to be determined)

Dispose of Fixed Asset

(Future Process; documentation to be determined)

Inter Company Invoicing

(Future Process; documentation to be determined)

Pre Close

Service Amortization

Perform Service Contract Amortization

Foreign Currency Rates

Update Company Multi-Site Currency Rates
Currency Revaluation Report

Pre-Close Reporting

AP Aging
AR Aging
Vouchers Payable
Inventory Cost
Total Inventory Value by Account
Company WIP Valuation
Total WIP Value by Account
Service Order WIP Valuation
Project WIP Valuation
Project WIP Value by Account


Payroll Close

Import (Integration) to BlackLine

Tax Close

Run Tax Interface Post Register
Process GL Posted Transactions Report
Customers (Sovos)
Generate Journal Entries

AR Close

Run AG Aging Report & Reconcile to GL
Based on Aging Report
Run GL Posted Transactions for 260100 GL
Cash in Advance (CIA) Reconciliation
Send Reconciliation to GL Accountant & Finance Manager for Review

AP Close

Run Voucher Payables Report
Revise Postings for Manual Journal Entry
Confirm “Dummy Payments” Loaded to VTM and Other Locations

Intercompany Close

Intercompany Customer Statements
Intercompany Transactions

Fixed Asset Close

Manual Journal Entry
Run Company General Ledger Repor
AP Posted Transactions Detail

Cost Accounting Close

Run Company Project WIP Valuation Report
Run WIP Valuation Report
Run Service Order WIP Valuation
Run Total Inventory Value by Account Report
Run Company Inventory Cost Report
Run WIP Valuation by Account Report
Review 120151 Transactions
Review 2080 Transactions – 120800
Run Mass Journal Posting
Run Inventory Aging Report

GL Close

Process BlackLine Integration to Continuously Add Entries
Manual Journal Entry
Run BlackLine Checklist
Run General Ledger by Account/Account Balances
Run BlackLine Dashboard by Management
BlackLine Account Rec Dashboard
Run Revaluation Utility/Report
Run Company Backlog Report
Run Company Inbound Report
Run Company Revenue Report
Quarterly Verification for Current Rates
Manager Approves Account Rec or JE
AP Aging
Account Rec is Unapproved
Period Turnover in System
Generate Hyperion Upload File
Run Anaplan Output
Run Income Statement
Run Balance Sheet
Upload to HFM
Promote to HFM
Submit Results to FoodTech Division Manager
Run Year-End Ledger Balance/Close-Out Utility

Post Close


(Future Process; documentation to be determined)


(Future Process; documentation to be determined)



Signing In and Signing Out of SyteLine
Locate a Form


Doc-Trak Attachment Saving
VEND vs REMIT in Purchase Requisitions


PreLoad Forms

ERP Implementation

Issues List

Load a New Issue
Update Issue
Close Issue

Report GAP Analysis

Report Gap Analysis
Load Issue

Time Reporting

Time Reporting

Script Execution


Paste Rows Append

Item Price Updates

Customer Contract Price Updates
Change Item Price Utility
Paste Rows Append Item Price Updates