4.0 GPA

Spring 2016

EDB 628 Psychology of Learning & Instruction

Development of cognitive-affective processes; review and evaluation of current research in attentional processes, concept formation, motivational behavior, perception, and problem solving.

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Summer 2016

EDB 609 Comparative/International Education

Examines selected foreign educational systems with emphasis on the historical, sociological, philosophical, and cultural influences that have shaped their development. Special attention is given to educational practices and innovations of interest to American educators.

Article Review

Research Paper

EDB 612 Curriculum Theory & Instruction

Overview of theoretical perspectives on the development, organization, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum. Topics include philosophical, social, technological, economic, and political influences on curricular decision making; identification of curricular and instructional aims; the relationship between curriculum theory and instructional methodology; current issues in curriculum reform; issues of diversity and equity; the role of federal and state standards.

Newsletter Planning Instruction

Chapter 13

Iceland Education for All – Brochure – Inside
Iceland Education for All – Brochure – Outside

Inquiry Paper

Fall 2016

ETE 571 Technological Change in School (Tested Out for credit)

The course focuses on technological change in society and its impact on schools. It emphasizes the effective integration of technology into teaching and learning. Students will investigate instructional technology tools and environments and critique school technology use and integration.

Spring 2017

ETE 573 Innovation: Projects in Education Technology

This course is a culminating experience in technology integration. Students extend the knowledge and skills obtained in core prerequisites to create a major technology innovation project, create a portfolio consistent with ISTE technology coach standards, learn technology grant writing techniques and conduct educational technology professional development.

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ETE 691 eLearning Tools & Techniques

This course focuses on design, delivery and assessment of online learning and instruction in K-12, higher education and adult learning. A hands-on approach and research-based practice will provide a basis for understanding the pedagogy of online learning in creating an effective teaching and learning environment.

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Summer 2017

ALD 646 Human Resource Development for Adult Educators

Addresses the complex skills, concepts, and strategies relating to the adult teaching/learning component of human resource development in business, education, industry, government, and voluntary organizations.

Formulation Significant Learning Goals Online

Introduction to ALD 646

Syllabus ALD 646

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ETE 572 Advancements in Education Technology

The course prepares students to create, support and model research-based and effective digital age learning environments, conduct needs assessments, develop, and implement technology-related professional learning programs. Topics include designing and developing instructional content that incorporates advancements in educational technology and instructional design. Programming languages/scripting such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and web authoring software will be employed in the development of educational websites.

Assistive Technologies

Digital Citizenship Overview

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Fall 2017

ETE 555 Instructional Design

This course provides a theoretical foundation for instructional design principles and models intended to lead to the development of specific skills. Emerging trends in the field are investigated by means of learning research, technological innovation in education, psychology of online learning, pedagogy in virtual learning environments, assessment for learning, etc.

No electronic files for this course.

ETE 690 Designing Online Instruction

In this course, students learn an applied framework for developing web-based instructional activities and online courses. Students learn technologies supportive of eLearning and engage in experiences to develop pedagogically sound instructional materials to be delivered online. Four components of development (1. course organization; 2. tool selection; 3. units of instruction; and 4. content selection and creation) are explored. This course is intended for K-12 teachers, adult educators who have experience teaching in higher education, and those interested in training and professional development for the corporate sector.

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ETE 692 Application of Online Instruction

Students apply the knowledge and skills developed in ETE 690 and ETE 691 by designing, implementing, assessing, and reflecting on an original online sequence of instruction.

Note: The LMS I created for this course needs to be redesigned here on this Website. Once it is completed, there will be links. Four reference courses were built for Cleveland State University and stored on their Blackboard application:

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