3.63 GPA (Magna Cum Laude)

Spring 2006

COM 225 Media Writing

This course focuses on the development of basic writing skills for journalists and other media professionals, including judging news values, following the inverted pyramid style of writing, and using the AP style and copy-editing techniques. It also includes the development of major news-gathering tools such as interviewing and covering traditional sources of news–meetings, speeches, and press conferences–and the application of journalistic forms and tools for print and electronic media and public relations.

On the Street Interview


History Beat

Mayor Cervenik

Who is Dick Feagler

Censorship of College Newspapers

ENG 240 Intro to Poetry

The study of poetry written in English, with emphasis on its forms and distinctive characteristics. Students will develop their ability to analyze literary texts and to write persuasive essays about them. Particular attention will be paid to understanding some principal genres of poetry. The course will include poets, both women and men, from several different historical periods in which English verse has been composed, and poets from the diverse national/ethnic groups who have written in English. To place English poetry in the context of world literature, some poems composed in other languages will be read in translation. This course introduces English majors to research and critical techniques needed for the baccalaureate study of literature.

The Writer
The Writer – Rewrite

John Ashbery

Paper 3 Poems

Summer 2006

COM 357 Principles of Public Relations

The course examines the role and context of professional public relations practitioners and development of techniques for ongoing public relations programs, managing crises, and conducting projects and campaigns. It includes the development of public relations writing forms, including speeches, press releases, reports, and fact sheets.

Final – Save the Date

Final Doc – Comprehensive Public Relations Plan

Cathy – Child Care in Crisis

Julie – Strategies and Tactics

Terra – Presentation Pieces

Liz – Presentation

ENG 303 Creative Writing

Techniques of non-expository writing, applicable to poetry, fiction, drama, and creative non-fiction. Non-majors are advised to take the course on a pass/fail basis.

Creative Writing Portfolio

Fall 2006

COM 331 Gender & Communication

The course explores the relationship of gender to the communication process. It examines issues of power, conflict, sex role stereotypes, and cultural patterns of interaction on interpersonal relationships.

Mona Lisa Smile

Children’s Lunch at Oakwood Elementary School

The Great Santini

COM 426 Lab Newspaper 1

The course introduces students to all aspects of news media production from news gathering to putting the final news product in convergence formats that bring together print and online. Learning will take place through hands on experience in news production in an environment of convergence. The students will learn the fundamentals of good journalism, adhering to the standards of fairness, accuracy and ethics in beat reporting, strong writing, photojournalism, web video reporting, blogs, and social media. The objective is to provide the students skills and knowledge in all aspects of news production, including editing, design, advertising, sales and distribution. In this advanced level class, the students will further develop their professional skills working with the software and hardware used in the news media industry.

092206 Print Edition

100606 Print Edition

102006 Print Edition

110306 Print Edition

111706 Print Edition

120106 Print Edition

121306 Print Edition

Create Online Stater News Stories

Spring 2007

ENG 301 Advanced Expository Writing: Technical Writing

Discussion and practice of writing in nonfiction genres such as the essay, technical writing, and journalism.


Tech Writing Thesis

Visual Project



Creating Your Own Styles in Word

Memo for Paper

Professional Memo


Term Paper

Cathy Hennes Journal

Writing Strategies

Cathryn Hennes References

Cathy Hennes Resume

OM Group

Tooling U

ENG 305 Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry

Craft course in poetry, fiction, playwriting, or a specialized creative writing topic. May be taken up to three times with change of topic.

Personal Manuscript

Fall 2007

ENG 308 Composition Theory for Teachers

To prepare teachers to effectively integrate writing instruction in the secondary language arts curriculum, this course provides information about current beliefs and best practices that characterize what top teachers do.

Finding Sources in Composition Theory for Your Research Paper

Invention for Research Paper

Book Review – Lives on the Boundary

Teaching Writing to Elementary School Children with Learning Disabilities

ENG 310 Traditional Grammar

Survey of traditional grammar, its history and present use in the schools.

No electronic files for this course.

UST 410 Proposal Writing/Program Development

Examination of the structure and content of proposals, sources of funding, foundation decision-making, program evaluation, and social/institutional change in the urban environments; independent preparation of proposals and application of evaluation procedures.

Final Proposal

Spring Semester 2008

COM 428 Imaging Africa

This course is designed to enable students to explore and examine the processes, images, stereotypes, and myths associated with the historical development of film. It is taught through lectures and intensive examination of films and television programming within a seminar setting.

Female Circumcision in Sub-Sarahan Africa Presentation

Female Genital Mutilation

ENG 301 Advanced Expository Writing: Magazine Writing

Discussion and practice of writing in nonfiction genres such as the essay, technical writing, and journalism.

Query Letter

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

Exercise 12

Query Letter 2nd Try

Cell Phones in Elementary Schools Query Letter

Magazine Article Proposal

Query Letter


Biomass Fuel 1
Biomass Fuel 2
Biomass Fuel 3
Biomass Fuel 4
Biomass Fuel 5a
Biomass Fuel 5b – Sidebar 1
Biomass Fuel 5b – Sidebar 2
Biomass Fuel 5c – Sidebar 3

Final Paper

ENG 490 Professional Internship: Office of Sponsored Programs and Research

Professional writing interns must have completed all university writing requirements.

Vol 29 No. 620 Feb 2008

Vol 29 No. 720 Mar 2008

Vol 29 No. 820 Apr 2008

ENG 495 Senior Seminar: Medieval Pilgrimage

Literature studied in the context of significant theoretical questions: an author, genre, or theme considered from a variety of critical perspectives. The seminar may be repeated with change of topic.

Social Organization and Interaction in The Canterbury Tales


Research Paper – Final